Washing and care instructions

Washing and care instructions for all oil-soot-resistant fabrics:
KEMIRA BIG, -LIGHT and-EXTRALEICHT also in combination with leather trims.

You have the questions, we have the answers:

Which detergent do I use best?
Fine, Color or Black (Black) detergents are best!
It is important that no bleach is mixed in these preparations.
Basically, every detergent is priced! Read through the ingredients twice.
Soft soap can be safely used! Please use only a small amount!
So do not use any detergents containing bleach!
These so-called white detergents attack every black color and let the black garments appear gray shortly.

At how many degrees Celsius can I wash my suit?
Wash pure textile suits up to 40 ° C, in combination with LEATHER only up to 30 ° C!
Attention! Please note that older washing machines, despite the right degree setting, can exceed the values ​​at the top! (Reason: defective relays)
This would have a negative impact on fit and durability, especially in LEATHER!

What do I do if my suit is very dirty?
For heavy soiling, please soak the soot clothing overnight and then wash in the gentle cycle.

Which program do I use best?
For normally used garments, the gentle cycle or hand wash will suffice. The water temperature must not exceed 30 ° C.

Here is a hint:
All textiles are very difficult to dye black, so black is a delicate color that easily bleeds when washing! The laundry drum contributes to this. Through the ribs inside the drum, the laundry items are entrained and clap on the drum wall, so there is a strong abrasion.
We therefore recommend you:
Turn all black laundry items left before washing.
After washing, spin only a very short time and hang up well damp!

To increase the durability of your work clothing, wash as little as possible, it is best to put your suit with LEATHER, in a special cleaning!

On request, we can have your good piece cleaned and repair on this occasion!
However, if you only send us a repair, the garment must be clean because our seamstresses do not want black hands. :-)

Do not hang clothing with leather to dry in the sun (risk of fading) or on the heater (danger of hardening). Equally not an electric dryer, absolutely avoid this!

For workwear, it is always an advantage if you impregnate koller, jacket and pants after drying! As a result, less soot dust penetrates into the tissue and can then be flushed out or rinsed out more easily in the subsequent washes.

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